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For more than just guitar related stuff, go to Check this growing catalog of Melvins guitar chords and tabs. Here you will find titles like Blood witch, Dies iraea and many more. Are you into Sludge metal and doom metal and love entertainers like Altamont, Big Business and FantÁ´mas, then Melvins is your band.

Practice, practice, practice using these tabs and you might end up lik e Buzz Osborne one day! Melvins have rocked the fans with compositions like Ozma/Gluey Porch Treatments and Singles 1-12 since the beginning in 1983.

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A history of bad men (Bass)Bass tabs
Agonizer (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Amazon (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Amazon 1 2 (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Anaconda (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Anti vermin seed the (Tabs)Guitar tabs
At a crawl (Tabs)Guitar tabs
At the stake (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Ballad of dwight frye alice cooper cover (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Bar x the rocking m (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Bar x the rocking m1 (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Bar-x-the rocking m (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Berthas (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Bitten into sympathy (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Black bock (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Black santa (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Black stooges (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Blood witch (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Boris (Bass)Bass tabs
Boris (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Brain Center at Whipples (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Buck owens (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Candy o (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Caped crusader (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Charmicarmicat (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Civilized worm (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Claude (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Copache (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Cow (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Cranky messiah (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Creepy smell (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Deaddressed (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Dies iraea (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Dr geek (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Dr geek (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Echohead don t piece me (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Echohead-don't piece me (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Enchanted thoughtfist (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Ever since my accident (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Exact paperbacks (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Eye flys (Bass)Bass tabs
Eye flys (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Foaming (Tabs)Guitar tabs
For you darling (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Ggiibbyy (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Gibby (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Going blind kiss cover (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Goose freight train (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Green honey (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Grin (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Grinding process (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Hag me (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Happy gray or black (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Happy grey or black (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Heaviness of the load (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Heavyness of the load (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Honey bucket (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Hooch (Tabs)Guitar tabs
If I had an exorcism (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Instant larry (Tabs)Guitar tabs
It s shoved (Bass)Bass tabs
Its shoved (Bass)Bass tabs
Jew boy flower head (Bass)Bass tabs
Jew boy flower head (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Jew boy flowerhead (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Joan of arc (Tabs)Guitar tabs
June bug (Bass)Bass tabs
June bug (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Keep away from me (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Koollegged (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Larry (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Leeech (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Let god be (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Let it all be (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Lividity (Bass)Bass tabs
Lividity1 (Bass)Bass tabs
Lizzy (Chords)Guitar chords
Lizzy (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Lone rose holding now (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Love thing (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Lovely butterfly (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Lysol (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Magic pig detective (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Manky (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Mary lady bobbykins (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Missing (Bass)Bass tabs
Mombius hibachi (Tabs)Guitar tabs
My small percent shows most (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Nasty dogs funky kings (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Night goat (Bass)Bass tabs
Night goat (Chords)Guitar chords
Night goat (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Now a limo (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Nude with boots (Bass)Bass tabs
Oven (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Pearl bomb (Bass)Bass tabs
Pearl bomb (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Pigs of the roman empire (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Pitfalls in Serving Warrants (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Plethysmograph (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Prig (Chords)Guitar chords

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