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Melvins chords and tabs

Melvins tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Melvins. Learn songs like Candy O, Cranky Messiah, Exact Paperbacks, Hag Me and Nude With Boots easy.

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Song title Type
A History Of Bad MenBass Tabs
A History Of DrunksGuitar Tabs
AgonizerGuitar Tabs
AmazonGuitar Tabs
Amazon 1 2Guitar Tabs
AnacondaGuitar Tabs
Anti Vermin Seed TheGuitar Tabs
At A CrawlGuitar Tabs
At The StakeGuitar Tabs
Ballad Of Dwight Frye Alice Cooper CoverGuitar Tabs
Bar X The Rocking MGuitar Tabs
Bar X The Rocking M1Guitar Tabs
Bar-x-the Rocking MGuitar Tabs
BerthasGuitar Tabs
Bitten Into SympathyGuitar Tabs
Black BockGuitar Tabs
Black SantaGuitar Tabs
Black StoogesGuitar Tabs
Blood WitchGuitar Tabs
BorisBass Tabs
BorisGuitar Tabs
Brain Center At WhipplesGuitar Tabs
Buck OwensGuitar Tabs
Candy OGuitar Tabs
Caped CrusaderGuitar Tabs
CharmicarmicatGuitar Tabs
Civilized WormGuitar Tabs
ClaudeGuitar Tabs
CopacheGuitar Tabs
CowGuitar Tabs
Cranky MessiahGuitar Tabs
Creepy SmellGuitar Tabs
DeaddressedGuitar Tabs
Dies IraeaGuitar Tabs
Doctor MuleGuitar Tabs
Dr GeekGuitar Tabs
Dr GeekGuitar Tabs
Echohead Don T Piece MeGuitar Tabs
Echohead-don't Piece MeGuitar Tabs
Electric FlowerGuitar Tabs
Enchanted ThoughtfistGuitar Tabs
Ever Since My AccidentGuitar Tabs
Exact PaperbacksGuitar Tabs
Eye FlysBass Tabs
Eye FlysGuitar Tabs
FoamingGuitar Tabs
For You DarlingGuitar Tabs
GgiibbyyGuitar Tabs
GibbyGuitar Tabs
Going Blind Kiss CoverGuitar Tabs
Goose Freight TrainGuitar Tabs
Green HoneyGuitar Tabs
GrinGuitar Tabs
Grinding ProcessGuitar Tabs
Hag MeGuitar Tabs
Happy Gray Or BlackGuitar Tabs
Happy Grey Or BlackGuitar Tabs
Heaviness Of The LoadGuitar Tabs
Heavyness Of The LoadGuitar Tabs
Honey BucketGuitar Tabs
HoochGuitar Tabs
If I Had An ExorcismGuitar Tabs
Instant LarryGuitar Tabs
It S ShovedBass Tabs
Its ShovedBass Tabs
Jew Boy Flower HeadBass Tabs
Jew Boy Flower HeadGuitar Tabs
Jew Boy FlowerheadGuitar Tabs
Joan Of ArcGuitar Tabs
June BugBass Tabs
June BugGuitar Tabs
Keep Away From MeGuitar Tabs
KoolleggedGuitar Tabs
LarryGuitar Tabs
LeeechGuitar Tabs
Let God BeGuitar Tabs
Let It All BeGuitar Tabs
LividityBass Tabs
Lividity1Bass Tabs
LizzyGuitar Chords
LizzyGuitar Tabs
Lone Rose Holding NowGuitar Tabs
Love ThingGuitar Tabs
Lovely ButterflyGuitar Tabs
LysolGuitar Tabs
Magic Pig DetectiveGuitar Tabs
MankyGuitar Tabs
Mary Lady BobbykinsGuitar Tabs
MissingBass Tabs
Mombius HibachiGuitar Tabs
My Small Percent Shows MostGuitar Tabs
Nasty Dogs Funky KingsGuitar Tabs
Night GoatBass Tabs
Night GoatGuitar Chords
Night GoatGuitar Tabs
Now A LimoGuitar Tabs
Nude With BootsBass Tabs