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Mellowdrone chords for Bone marrow

Guitar chords with lyrics

Standard tuning/probably lowered

Intro: A chord diagramC majorCA chord diagramA minorAmA chord diagramE minorEm

Verse: A chord diagramFFA chord diagramG+G – Am-Em-Am

Step back and shut the door you know I’ve never seen any of these people before
You know it sounds so nice when it comes from a friend
I say we all get dolled up and let it begin

Pre-chorus: A chord diagramD MajorDA chord diagramG+G – A/A#/A/G - A chord diagramG+G
So make me sick good as always
Hand it over softly
Before somebody else gets hurt

Chorus: A chord diagramC majorCA chord diagramA minorAm - A chord diagramE minorEm
Light my hands on fire my sweet angel
Take my oxygen my bone marrow
Whatever you do, don’t stop till your through
It’ll be alright, it’ll be alright
Take my oxygen my sweet angel

Oh no, let’s put the drugs in the back, just like old times in my brown Pontiac
I used to be so strong in the arms but now they’re small, they’re small



listen for the chord variations on the pre-chorus parts.

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