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John Mellencamp chords for Jerry


Album: Mr. Happy Go Lucky


Chords:E5 (022400)

           A chord diagramCmaj7Cmaj7 (032400)

IntroA chord diagramE5E5

Verse: Cmaj7, A2, A chord diagramE5E5

Chorus: G. A2. A chord diagramE5E5

Bridge: G(bar), A(bar), A chord diagramE5E5


that's the whole song.  pretty easy.  :)

questions, email : mark_murf@yahoo.com
ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Jerry' by John Mellencamp, John Cougar Mellencamp, a male rock artist from Seymour, Indiana, USA. John Mellencamp was born in 1951.

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