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Melanie - Elements


Am      G     D
Trouble me to tell your secret
Am         G    D
Crouch down low and whisper why
C           Dm
Turn the lights down, close the window
C           Dm
It?s wild out there tonight

Am        G     D
Come in from the storm and thunder
Am          G    D
Wait it out till the coast is clear
C      Dm
Such a heavy cloud we?re under
C        Dm      D
Thought I was alone in here
 F     G       Am
Alone in a room with your kiss
 F     G       Am
Alone in a room with your kiss

Am        G   D
Further down the road I wander
Am       G   D
Leaving what I know behind
C      Dm
Gather me to roam beyond where
C         Dm
Protected from the winds and mist
 F      G       Am
Alone in our room with your kiss

Am       F    C
Twisted branch cold and splinter
Am        D
Devastating possibilities
Am       F     C
Flotsam jetsam muck wash over
Am       D
How I long for clear, clean water
Dm        F Am G Am
Bone and feather on the altar

Am    G     D
Elemental weave and wander
Am      G    D
Expectations spark to fly
C         Dm
Several ways with no direction
C        Dm
Missed its mark, made the hit
C         Dm      D
Deafening sound of nothingness
 F     G       Am
Alone in a room with your kiss
 F     G       Am   F F G Am

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