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Megadeth bass tabs for Dawn patrol (Ver. 2)

Dawn Patrol bass tab

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Dawn Patrol bass tab by Megadeth (Ver. 2)

Bass tabs


You will play all the riffs minus the intro 4 times!

Standard Tuning: E

x:Amount of Times
():Ghost Note/Sustain

Intro 1x
G: |-----|
D: |-----|
A: |-----|
E: |12\--|

Riff 1 1x
G: |----------------------------------------------|
D: |-------------------------------8h9---------9p8|
A: |5h7--7-7-7-5h8--8-8-8-5h7-7-7-7----8h9-9p8----|
E: |---0----------0----------0--------------------|

Riff 2 1x
G: |--------------------------------------7-5|
D: |-----------------------------------------|
A: |5h7--7-7-7-5h8--8-8-8-5h7-7-7-7-3-2-0----|
E: |---0----------0----------0---------------|

Riff 1 1x

Riff 3 1x
G: |---------------------------------------------|
D: |---------------------------------------------|
A: |5h7--7-7-7-5h8--8-8-8-5h7-7-7-7-3-2-0--------|
E: |---0----------0----------0------------0---(0)|

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