Confusion Fog by Meat Puppets

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Meat Puppets
Confusion Fog
From the Mirage lp
Tabbed by Andy in Durham
G D C D 4X  G

      D    C    D     G   D
I lost my mind a couple of gals ago I left behind

   C    D    C
and never let you know its just a little bit of

 D             C
snow out on the leaves its just confusion

      D          G      D
drifting swirling to my knees I took some time

C D            G   D     C
a couple of days ago and lost my mind and never

   D   C          D
you go its just a little bit of snow out on the

      C             D
leaves its just confusion drifting swirling to

       C    D    C
 my knees Blue wind drift on flow thru till the

 D    C   D
dust is gone gone gone confusion fog.

please post any corrections

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