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Shannon Mcnally guitar chords for Pale moon

Guitar chords with lyrics

From the record "Geronimo"

Tabs by Tim Prizer (tim_prizer@yahoo.com)

Standard tuning, no capo

Chords explanations:

A chord diagramG MajorG -- 330023
A chord diagramDsus2Dsus2 -- 0320xx
A chord diagramC majorC -- 01023x
A chord diagramE minorEm -- 000220
Intro: [G] [Dsus2] [C]

[G]Oh I’d like to find myself [Dsus2]trapped in some desert town with [C]you
just me and [C]you
[G]my long black hair all waving in the dry wind
[D]me waving at you my lover [C]from some ancient balco[C]ny
[G]But like a thirsty vision I see you [Dsus2]and you’re gone
where could you have [C]run to?
come back, come on back, come on back
But you’re [G]gone to California
and it’s [Dsus2]just my fate making me [C]blue
why else would I see you to[G]day?

[Dsus2] [C]

[G]But I’m not in some desert town and [Dsus2]you’re not there with me
[C]i’m underground in [C]NYC
the [G]city of perpetual motion, the [Dsus2]city that never sleeps
[C]that’s alright I wasn’t [C]tired anyways
[G]I was so close to getting clear [Dsus2]
thought I had nothing to [C]fear
you’d be on a plane and you’d be gone
and it would be done
But there are [G]eighteen million people in this [Dsus2]town
I spent the day just bumming a[C]round
just to bump into you on Third Ave[G]nue.

[Dsus2] [C]

It’s a [G]pale moon, [Em]burning sun
[C]when will I see my only one
[G]Pale moon, [Em]burning sun
[C]when will i see my only [G]one?

[Dsus2] [C]

[G]I think it’s unbelievable,
[Dsus2]I think it’s incredible,
[C]it’s magical, it’s [C]tragic.
[G]but I know we’ll meet again some[Dsus2]day
we’ll be very far a[C]way
I’ll know you and you’ll know me
and we’re gonna both agree
[G]that we belong together
[Dsus2]we belong together
[C]we belong together

[G]It’s a pale moon, [Em]burning sun
[C]when will I see my only one
[G]Pale moon, [Em]burning sun
[C]when will i see my only [G]one?

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