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Winter Has Me by Don Mclean

Chords with lyrics

I only know this song  from the SOLO-album. But it comes from the album
Homeless (1974).
 The song starts with flageolets on
  the twelfth and seventh fret. I'd guess the song is easy to play
  when you heard it on the record. The musical intermezzo are
  just the chords in the refrain until the Em. But i guess you'll
  find that out. Just before he plays Winter has me etc. there's a
  little solo which is played this way:
             winter has me etc.

In fact i have to admit this song is worked out by an old
schoolfriend: henny fonville. I haven't seen him for more than 10

  Well good luck playing it,

  ronald staats
  [email protected]
Winter has me in it's grip - Don Mclean

Chord diagramG+G               D(B-bass)
Winter has me ...
 Chord diagramA minorAm                 Chord diagramD7D7
think i'll ...
 Chord diagramA minorAm         Chord diagramD7D7
on a sunny ...
            Chord diagramE minorEm               Chord diagramD7D7
where the ...

  musical intermezzo

 Chord diagramG+G            D(B-bass)
I feel so l...
 Chord diagramA minorAm                        Chord diagramD7D7
I'm to young ...
      Chord diagramG+G             D(B-bass)
I need you and ...
         Chord diagramA minorAm                  Chord diagramD7D7
when the weather ...

Winter has me ....

There's no use in ....

Winter has me in it's etc.

I tried to run from ...
Winter has me in it's grip etc.

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Winter Has Me in Its GripChords

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