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Sarah Mclachlan chords for Fallen

Chords with lyrics

This is the song "Fallen" from Sarah's upcoming release Afterglow.  I've checked and this has not been posted before.  Enjoy!.

Sarah McLachlan
Album: Afterglow

These chords are almost 100 percent accurate.  I played with the song as I was transcribing this.

A chord diagramDmDm Heaven bent to  ...
Bflat f c
Same as above until chorus
Nc means no chord.  Nc though Iâ^À^Ùve f tried c fallen A chord diagramFF I have
A chord diagramC majorC sunk so
Bflat low
Same as above until bridge wich is ooooh f c bflat.
Third vurse is the same as the previous vurses. Enjoy!.  Questions or comments can be e-mailed to: marissa@marissamusic.com.
ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Fallen' by Sarah Mclachlan, a female pop artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Sarah Mclachlan was born in 1968.

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