Paul McCartney chords and tabs: Page 5

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Song title Type
Tiny BubbleGuitar Chords
Tommys Coming Home AgainGuitar Chords
TomorrowGuitar Chords
Too Many PeopleGuitar Chords
Too Many People UkuleleGuitar Chords
TragedyGuitar Chords
Try Not To CryBass Tabs
Tug Of WarBass Tabs
Tug Of WarGuitar Chords
Turned OutBass Tabs
Turned OutGuitar Chords
Twenty Fine FingersGuitar Chords
Twenty Flight RockBass Tabs
Twenty Flight RockGuitar Chords
Two FingersGuitar Chords
Two FingersGuitar Tabs
Uncle AlbertGuitar Chords
Uncle Albert - Admiral HalseyGuitar Chords
Used To Be BadGuitar Chords
Vanilla SkyGuitar Chords
Vanilla SkyGuitar Tabs
Venus And MarsGuitar Chords
Venus And MarsGuitar Tabs
Venus And Mars Rock ShowGuitar Chords
Venus And Mars Rock Show JetBass Tabs
WanderlustGuitar Chords
Warm And BeautifulGuitar Chords
WaterfallsGuitar Chords
WaterfallsGuitar Tabs
WaterspoutGuitar Chords
We All Stand Together Humming VersionGuitar Chords
Were Open TonightGuitar Chords
Whats That You're DoingBass Tabs
When We Was FabGuitar Chords
When Winter ComesGuitar Chords
Why So BlueGuitar Chords
Winedark Open SeaGuitar Chords
Winter Bird - When Winter ComesGuitar Chords
Winter Bird / When Winter Comes (medley)Guitar Chords
With A Little LuckGuitar Chords
Women And WivesGuitar Chords
Women And Wives UkuleleGuitar Chords
Wonderful Christmas TimeGuitar Chords
YesterdayGuitar Chords
You Want Her TooBass Tabs
Young BoyBass Tabs
Young BoyGuitar Chords
Young BoyGuitar Tabs
Your Loving FlameGuitar Chords
Your WayGuitar Chords
YvonneGuitar Chords