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Mayonnaise chords and tabs

Mayonnaise tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Mayonnaise. Learn songs like Dahil, Ipagpatawad Mo, Jopay, Kapag Lasing Malambing and Synesthesia easy.

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Song title Type
BakitGuitar Tabs
Bakit Part 1Guitar Tabs
Bakit Part 2Guitar Chords
Bakit Part 2 (Ver2)Guitar Chords
DahilGuitar Chords
Dear ClassmateGuitar Chords
Eddie SongGuitar Chords
Eddies SongGuitar Tabs
Here In My HeartGuitar Chords
Ipagpatawad MoGuitar Chords
JopayGuitar Chords
JopayGuitar Tabs
Kapag Lasing MalambingGuitar Chords
KapitbahayGuitar Chords
KathrynGuitar Chords
KumanderGuitar Tabs
Kumander Acoustic LiveGuitar Chords
Kung Di Rin IkawGuitar Chords
Kung Wala Ka - Sana - Mundo - Jopay LiveGuitar Chords
Last ChristmasGuitar Tabs
MagkalayoGuitar Chords
MagkalayoGuitar Tabs
Pano Nangyari YunGuitar Chords
ParaanGuitar Chords
Paraan (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Sana KungGuitar Chords
St AugustineGuitar Chords
Stars And Caramel BarsGuitar Chords
SynesthesiaGuitar Chords
SynesthesiaGuitar Tabs
Tayo Na Lang DalawaGuitar Chords
Tayo NalangGuitar Chords
TorresGuitar Chords
Wag Mo Akong IwanGuitar Chords