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John Mayer chords for Your body is a wonderland

Guitar chords with lyrics

Your Body is a Wonderland (Actual SOLO Progression as played by John

The tab currently available for this piece is
a "LIVE" version, and varies greatly from his "Solo" performance. I
studied an acoustic SOLO video by John Mayer and arranged the following:

** NOTE ** THIS tab (as of 2/4/03) suggests a variation of tuning, unlike
the original posted tab, thus making it VERY SIMPLE to play.
ENJOY !!!  

Your Body is a Wonderland   (As played SOLO by John Mayer)
Tune low A chord diagramE MajorE Down to A chord diagramD MajorD (full Step)

Intro & verses:       REPEAT thru intro&verses

X    e-------------------------------------------------------------
X    b-------------------------------------------------------------

BRIDGE:                And if you want love ....

Fig 1.(Bar) Fig 2.     Bridge Tab: Alternate Figs. 1 & 2*    Repeat 2X
                      *Any variation of pick/strings sounds quite lovely

e--8-----  e-------    e----------8-----------------------------
b--8-----  b-------    b----------8-------------8---------------
g--8--10-  g---10--    g----10------------10---10--10--10-------
d--8--10-  d---10--    d----10-10---------10-------10--10-------
a--8-----  a-------    a--------8-------------------------------
e--8-----  e---10--    e--8-----8----8--10-----10------10---8---

Bridge Continued:   

     This is bound to be awhile ...

     (d)e----5------5----7------7----8-----8----10----10------- to chorus

   CHANGE:  As an acoustic solo player, I keep things simple, and thus I
choose NOT to play the change. However, I will break, and play the muted
sound leading into the final chorus. I encourage you to arrange your own
funky "Licks" here.  John always plays it different anyway. Please visit

   Damn Baby   ----   You frustrate me    Four measures or so is good.
                                            To Final Chorus -- Fade Out.

     g--------10---10-------10---10--------10---10---------> Fully
     d--------10---10-------10---10--------10---10---------> Muted
     a-----------------------------------------------------  Sounds
     (d) e----10------------10-------------10------------10----> Best

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