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John Mayer tabs for Neon acoustic

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Ericolicious@aol.com          spyder_1810@yahoo.com
 this tab was originally by ericolicious@aol.com  modifications were made
by spyder_1810@yahoo.com
This tab already exists in the olga, but as a normal tab, not an acoustic
version, note that this tab does have some differences, both in lack of
thumb usage and chord formation.
*drop the low e to c, to do this, just put the capo on the first fret and
put the guitar in drop d, when you take off the capo you will be in drop
*This is a much easier version of the neon tab posted on olga, try it out
and tell me if you like it.
Album:  Room for Squares

g-------------4------------6----------9------11----  repeats as verse
*You do not use your left hand thumb in this at all, just put your
pointer finger on the bass string, and ring and pinky finger on the
treble strings.
*For this next part you just have to feel it, listen to an acoustic
version of the song to understand it.  I am going to tab out the first
chord exactly as i play it,then just the other chrod formations.  Know
that the other chords are played as the first.
*Also note that the chord formation is just like the first chord held in
"why georgia"...kinda neat.

play x2
                      now just the chords, but play like the first chord
i tabbed.
"she comes"

second change
 she's slipping... "haaands"

e---------------------------   |-----------------------------------
b-------5---------7-----5---   |------5-----7-----5----------------
d-----4--------6------4-----   |----4-----6-----4--------11------9-
d---------------------------x2 |-----------------------11------9---
a---------------------------   |-----------------------------------
c---5--------7-------0------   |--5-----7-----0-----10-------8-----
      "neon"        "neon"        "Who knows"...
*You have to embelish the chorus, simliar to the "she comes and goes"
part.  Like i said earlier, listen to an acoustic versionof the song to
get a feel for the song.  This song goes by so fast that a few mistakes
or half muted notes arent heard if the the whole thing is done right.

Im not to sure about the bridge yet, its a work in progress.  But make
something up based on the chords already given in the tab earlier.
Remember this is an acoustic version of the song.
And I already know it is not how John Mayer plays it, ive seen the video
of him on Last Call, he uses his thumbs for one thing.  This tab is
totally thunb free.  Anyway, comments, suggestions or gripes are
appreciated, you can reach me at spyder_1810@yahoo.com   or on aim at


ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Neon Acoustic' by John Mayer, a male indie artist from Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. John Mayer was born in 1977. John Mayer is known for his happy rock/pop music.

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