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John Mayer chords for Love song for no one

Guitar chords with lyrics

Love Song for No One
by John Mayer
Half-wit/close as I could get it tabbing by: Mike Padula
Tabbed from live version off of MP3.com
Standard Tuning
Capo on 2nd Fret

(#) means SOMETIMES he seems to hit that note, other times it's

I couldn't really transcribe the strumming so you'll just have to
listen to his version until your ears bleed. Just practice and
strum like a madman/woman.

Intro (A chord diagramA augmentedA)

Verse (A chord diagramBB) plays twice


at end of first chorus the (Geeeet heeere part) play 1st half
of Intro (A chord diagramA augmentedA) at the end of 2nd chorus go directly to bridge

Verse (A chord diagramBB) again

2nd Chorus

Bridge (A chord diagramC majorC)
* might be 0 (going from memory here)


for the "Oh no Way" part play the intro (although once again
some of the inflections are slightly different)

Bridge (A chord diagramC majorC) again

extended Chorus  (You'll be so good)

Outro (For Me) , this part just takes a lot of listening to
him play and emulating his strums. Using the thumb on the A chord diagramG+G
was definitely the only way I could get it to sound close.

He contantly varies inflections and muted notes so consider these the
averages and roots!
Also he seems to vary the A chord diagramG+G chord sometimes playing in the open (320033)
playing :320003 or 3x0003 and then flat out barring 355433, so play around

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