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Matti Caspi guitar chords for Ba-psanter

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Ba chord diagramBaBa-psanter - Ehud manor \ Matti caspi

I dont have this song chord in my books so...

intro + main riff
   Gm chord diagramGmGm          Cm chord diagramCmCm      D74 chord diagramD74D74      Gm chord diagramGmGm          Cm chord diagramCmCm    F chord diagramFF
E chord diagramEE------5-5-------3-5-6-5------------5-5-------3-5-6----------
B chord diagramBB----3-----6-5-4---------8--------3-----6-5-4-------10-8-----
G chord diagramGG--3-----------------------7-5--3-----------------------10-8-
D chord diagramDD--------------------5---------------------------------------
A chord diagramAA----------5---3-------5----------------5---3-------8--------
E chord diagramEE--3----------------------------3----------------------------

   Bb chord diagramBbBb          Eb chord diagramEbEb               D7 chord diagramD7D7,9+ (Matti or not??!)
E chord diagramEE------8-8-------6-8-10-8-6-------------5-6-8-10-11----------
B chord diagramBB----6-----9-8-8-----------10-8-6-4-6-8----------13----------
G chord diagramGG--7----------------------------5----------------11----------
D chord diagramDD------------------------------------------------------------
A chord diagramAA----------8---6--------6-------5----------------------------
E chord diagramEE--6---------------------------------------------------------

       Gm chord diagramGmGm        D chord diagramDD/F# chord diagramF#F#    F chord diagramFF   G7 chord diagramG7G7    Cm chord diagramCmCm
   (A chord diagramAA dim)
    Cm chord diagramCmCm/A chord diagramAA    Gm chord diagramGmGm/Bb chord diagramBbBb     A7 chord diagramA7A7/C# chord diagramC#C#     Cm chord diagramCmCm
Az ani ..

   Main riff
va-ani menagen....

After 2 repeats he modulate it by half - G#m chord diagramG#mG#m  \ D# chord diagramD#D#/G chord diagramGG \ F# chord diagramF#F# \ G#7 chord diagramG#7G#7,C#m Etc

Hope it's good enough



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