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Where Are You Going by Dave Matthews Band

Where Are You Going chords by Dave Matthews Band

Chords with lyrics

D= x00232         D/F#= 100230    G= 320033
Cadd9/G= x32033  Cadd9= 032030   Bm= x24432

[Chord diagramD MajorD]I [Chord diagramD/F#D/F#]am no [Chord diagramG+G] Super[Cadd9/G]man
[Chord diagramD MajorD]I [Chord diagramD/F#D/F#]have no [Chord diagramG+G]reasons [C9/G]...
[Chord diagramD MajorD]I [Chord diagramD/F#D/F#]am no [Chord diagramG+G]hero, [Cadd9/G]oh, thatÕs for sure[Chord diagramD MajorD]
[Chord diagramD MajorD]But I [Chord diagramD/F#D/F#]do know [Chord diagramG+G]one thing      (HOLD THE Chord diagramG+G)
[Chord diagramG+G] Where you are is where I belong[Chord diagramD MajorD]
[Chord diagramD MajorD]I [Chord diagramC majorC]do know where you go, is where I want to be[Chord diagramDsus2Dsus2] }
(The Chord diagramC majorC can move to Chord diagramCadd9Cadd9 & back to Chord diagramC majorC if you desire to have more movement).

Chord diagramG+G  Chord diagramD MajorD  Chord diagramB minorBm  Chord diagramC majorC (hammer on 9th) (4X)
(Chord diagramG+G to Chord diagramD MajorD is a quick change on the beats within 6/8 time)

Thanks . . .
               Ian C.T. vom Saal

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