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Dave Matthews Band tabs for Typical situation


Submitted by Scott Taylor - Tallahassee, FL

"Typical Situation" - Dave Matthews Band

There are basically only two different parts to this song.
Listen to it to figure out where they go. Eat, drink, and be merry.

Intro and Verse - Acoustic - Dave
A chord diagramE minorEm                         A chord diagramCmaj7Cmaj7

Chorus - Everybody's happy.....

A chord diagramGadd9Gadd9  A chord diagramF6F6   A chord diagramA minorAm   A chord diagramC majorC
ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Typical Situation' by Dave Matthews Band, a rock band formed in 1991 from Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. Dave Matthews Band is known for their cheerful rock/pop music.

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