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Quick Lay chords by Dave Matthews Band

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quick lay and say goodbye
the dave matthews band

from the double cd bootleg: satellite of love
recorded live at the roseland, nyc -- 1995

music transcribed by:  evan c. parker
lyrics transcribed by: sarah e. bierenbaum

only dave matthews can take a song about a one night stand, in which
you are hooking up with your best friend, causing both of you to be
cheating on your significant others, and make it sound romantic.

because this is dave there is a *lot* of chord play... i did *not* write it
all down. i've found that most people can't / won't read the transcriptions
anyway, and those who can actually read the transcriptions, don't need to
because they can figure it out for themsevles.

a hint though... he plays around with barre chords, a lot.

basic measures are these:
| A  E  D  A | & | Bm Bm A  D | & | A  G  D  A |

A - E - D - A (x10)

       A          E
so ..
      D        A
the .
        A            E
oh ..
      D           A
oh ..
   A       E
and ..
    D     A
in ..
           A         E
so ..
    D        A
oh ..

    Bm            A         D
oh ..
 Bm               A          D
   Bm                  A - E - D - A
one ..

          A            E
    D        A
you ..
       A             E
oh not ..
           D        A
and ..
    A         E
so ..
     D             A
in ..

   Bm              A          D
say ..
  Bm               A         D
say ..
    Bm          A       D
you'll ..
Bm            A        D          Bm
oh ..
               A - E
tomorrow ..

 D        A              A
oh we'll ..
          E  D          A
tonights ..
 A        E   D          A
tonights ..
  Bm         A         D
oh i'l..
 Bm                 A           D
and oh, ..
     Bm     A D    Bm
then oh ..
        A        D       Bm

 A       G         D    A
and ... (x3)
  A        G     D    A
tomorrow, say goodbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye... (x3)

evan c. parker          "you don't know the power you have
the college of william & mary    with that tear in your hand..."
ecpark@mail.wm.edu                  - tori amos

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