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Little Thing by Dave Matthews Band

Little Thing chords by Dave Matthews Band

Chords with lyrics

"Little Thing"
from Live at Luther College
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds

This song is fairly straightforward but the chords are difficult to play. I
post Dave's stuff to get what I think are correct Tabs out to the playing
community. So, good luck. Enjoy.

Intro Figure
Dave - acoustic guitar
(Tim plays ad lib figures with effects)
--------- -------
--------- -------
---11---- --4----  these 2 bars played 6 times
---10---- --5----
----9---- --6----
----8---- --7----

I was in New York City,
Verse - play intro figure 28 times

and uh, I was walking down the street......

.....and I don't know where I was going. But always I love this-a....

....way    oh. My hands, a-pour my hands on you again
(Dave and Tim both play this)
--7----- ---7--  -------    ----------
--8----- ---8--  ---8---    ----------
-11----- --11--  --11---    --7---7---
--9----- ---9--  ---9---    --0---0---
--7----- ------  -------    ----------
-------- ---8--  --10---    --7---6---

repeat these 4 bars
Hey, I will beg you, I'll beg, oh, see me, please find me again.

Verse - play two bar figure 6 times

Chorus - 4 bar figure 4 times

Verse - 2 bar fig. 4 times

Chorus - 4 bar fig. 2 times

Outro - 2 bar fig - 2 times
I lost her
Tim - with delay effect

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