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Dave Matthews Band chords for All along the watchtower

All Along The Watchtower chords by Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band chords for All along the watchtower

Chords with lyrics

Name:Blake (distractedkid@msn.com)
Title of song:All Along the Watchtower
Title of Album:Live at the Red Rocks, Listener Supported

I did not copy this from anyone.  This is my own work.

This song is incredibly simple for a Dave song.  Because all the high int=
ensity playing comes from the rest of the band he is just the beat.  In L=
istener Supported there is this huge solo before the starts strumming, i =
didnt figure that out though so if you want to make that version of the s=
ong complete, do it and e-mail me it if you could.  In the Live at the Re=
d Rocks version it is just strumming but Tim Reynolds plays an intense so=
lo on electric.  Here is Dave's part though.  I think he does it on stand=
ard tuning but it sounds just as good barred.  It's just Am, G, F.

Verse and Chorus:
    A chord diagramA minorAm   |   A chord diagramG+G   |   A chord diagramFF   |
e/---0---|---3---|-------|  Make Sure you hit the lowest chord first.
B/---1---|---3---|-------|  If you listen to the song you should no what
G/---2---|---0---|---2---|  I mean.  Thats all there is to it besides the
D/---2---|---0---|---3---|  solos.  Any questions or comments you can e-mail
A/-0-0---|---2---|---3---|  me.  See ya.

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'All Along The Watchtower' by Dave Matthews Band, a rock band formed in 1991 from Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. Dave Matthews Band is known for their cheerful rock/pop music.

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