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Matisyahu guitar tabs for Live like a warrior acoustic

Guitar tabs

  • Capo on 6th
e: 0---0---0---3-|
B: 1---6---1---0-|
G: 0---0---0---0-|
D: 2---7---2---0-|
A: 3---8---0---2-|
E: 0---0---0---3-|

e: 0---0---3---0-|
B: 6---1---0---1-|
G: 0---0---0---0-|
D: 7---2---0---2-|
A: 8---3---2---0-|
E: 0---0---3---0-|

Sorry I don't know the bridge/interlude that's featured in the video, but this should
take you far! Cheers!

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