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Matchbox 20 chords for Unwell

Guitar chords with lyrics

Matchbox 20
tabbed by chap cash
from their new cd more than you think you are

This file is my own interpretation of their song and again Im pretty
confident that this chord structure is 100% accurate.  I wouldnt waste my
time submitting it if it wasnt.  This song has not yet been released as a
single but I have a strong feeling it will be in the near future.

Capo 2nd fret!!!
Intro chords played under banjo sounding instrument: G-C-Em-D x 2

Verse 1: C-D-G-Em  C-D-Em  C-D-G-Em C-D  All day staring at the ceiling

Prechorus: Bm-C-G-D x 2 Hold on feeling like Im heading for a breakdown and

Chorus: G-C-Em-D x 2  But im not crazy im just a little unwell i know right

Verse 2: C-D-G-Em  C-D-Em  C-D-G-Em  C-D  Me talking to myself in public and

Prechorus 2: Bm-C-G-D x 2 with me out of all the hours thinking somehow ive


Bridge:  C-Em C-Em C-Em    DDDDDD   Ive been talking in my sleep pretty soon


Thats it.  another easy one by Rob Thomas.  It just goes to show you that a
song doesnt have to be complicated to be good.  Buy the CD!!!

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