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Bright Lights by Matchbox Twenty

Bright Lights chords by Matchbox Twenty

Chords with lyrics

Bright Lights
Matchbox 20
tabbed by: chap cash
from the cd More than you think you are

This is my own interpretation of this great song off their newest album.
This song has not yet been posted but I think it will be a hit.
I'm pretty sure this chord structure is 100% accurate and I'll include an
open chord version at bottom for beginners who have not yet mastered barre
chords. You'll need a capo for that version.

Verse 1:  E-B-F#m-A x 3

Chorus: E-D-A x 2 then B-E

Verse 2:  E-B-F#m-A x 3


Bridge:  C#m-B-A x 2 then C#m-B-D-A  D-A  B-B-B-B-B let that city take you
in let that city spit you out let that city take you down for gods sake turn

play E-D-A progression x1 without chorus lyrics then repeat with chorus
lyrics.  end with E-A while singing just come on home, baby baby baby just
come on home etc.

Thats it.  If you capo 2nd fret you can substitute Chord diagramD MajorD for E, Chord diagramA augmentedA for B, Chord diagramE minorEm for
F#m, Chord diagramG+G for A, Chord diagramC majorC for D, Chord diagramB minorBm for C#m.  Very easy but you'll need to buy the cd
and listen to the song.  The whole cd is great!!

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