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Grant Park by Marvelous 3

Chords with lyrics

This one's pretty simple.  In fact, most marvelous 3 songs are, so if you
want me to tab one, email me at [email protected].
Anyway, the main problem with tabbing this song is the sound effects playing
under the song.  I just mute chord that part, but I included a tab of what I
think the notes are.

Verse and intro
Chord diagramG+G       Chord diagramD MajorD       Chord diagramC majorC       Bbm(CM7 )

You can do this two different ways.  You can play the Chord diagramG+G an octave higher or
you can choose not to, pretty straight forward.

Here's it with the octave
Chord diagramG+G             Chord diagramD MajorD             Chord diagramC majorC

Here's the weird slide sound effect thing

Most fills and licks revolve around this, too.

Pretty simple, eh?  That's all I know, I'm tabbing from memory.  Good luck.


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