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John Martyn tabs for When its dark


  Badd11                                    Badd9add11
Chord diagramD MajorD|------------------|----------------------|----------------|
Chord diagramA augmentedA|------------------|----------------------|-----6-------6--|
Chord diagramG+G|8-----------------|----8-8----8-------8-8|----6--------6--|
Chord diagramD MajorD|9-----------------|----9-9---9--------9-9|---9---------9--|
Chord diagramA augmentedA|7------9-7---7h9-9|---------7---7--------|--7----9--------|
Chord diagramD MajorD|9--x-9-----x------|x-9---x-9------x-9-9-x|9--------x-9---x|

The verses are essentially the same as the intro, alternating between the two shapes
with percussive slaps on the 2nd and 4th beat and raked arpeggiations:

  Badd11       Badd9add11
Chord diagramD MajorD|------------|----------|
Chord diagramA augmentedA|------------|6---------|
Chord diagramG+G|8-----------|6---------|
Chord diagramD MajorD|9-----------|9---------|
Chord diagramA augmentedA|7-----------|7---------|
Chord diagramD MajorD|9-----------|9---------|



  Chord diagramC#m7C#m7     Badd11   Chord diagramF#m7F#m7  Chord diagramG#m7G#m7  Chord diagramF#m7F#m7  Chord diagramG#m7G#m7  Chord diagramF#m7F#m7  Chord diagramG#m7G#m7  Chord diagramF#m7F#m7
Chord diagramD MajorD|----------------------------------------------------------|
Chord diagramA augmentedA|----------------------------------------------------------|
Chord diagramG+G|9--------8--------2-----4-----2-----4-----2-----4-----2---|
Chord diagramD MajorD|9--------9--------2-----4-----2-----4-----2-----4-----2---|
Chord diagramA augmentedA|---------7------------------------------------------------|
Chord diagramD MajorD|11-------9--------4-----6-----4-----6-----4-----6-----4---|

This is the same throughout the entire song, except the very end which skips the first
two chords in the chorus


| h  hammer-on
| x  Mute note
ⓘ Guitar tab for 'When Its Dark' by John Martyn, Iain David McGeachy, a male blues artist from New Malden, England, UK. John Martyn was born in 1948. He passed away in 2009. John Martyn was known for his happy folk music.

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