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Bruno Mars guitar tabs for Locked out of heaven

Guitar tabs

e-3-5-xx-3-1--1-3333x333                             e-33// slide up
b-5-6-xx-5-3--3-3333x333                             b-33// to the
g-5-7-xx-5-3--3-4444x444 repeat this - last time add g-44// chorus chords
D-5-7-xx-5-3--3-5555x555                             D-55// as shown
A-3-5-xx-3-1--1-5555x555                             A-55// below
E-x-x-xx-x-x--x-3333x333                             E-33//
                DUDD UDD                               UD

Use the chords below in 2 groups each with 8 downstrokes and slightly muted.
Focus on basestrings so it dosen't really matter if you play major or minor chords

e-1- -5-|
b-1- -5-|
g-2- -6-|
D-3- -7-|
A-3- -7-|
E-1- -5-|

A chord diagramBB flat   A chord diagramG MajorG      A chord diagramFF      A chord diagramC majorC

g-3------3------2------5-|repeat from A chord diagramBB flat on and move back to the Introp.

That's pretty much the whole song so listen to it to get an idea......

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