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Bob Marley chords and tabs

Bob Marley tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Bob Marley. Learn songs like Cheer Up, Exodus, I Shot The Sheriff (Ver2), Jammin and Stir It Up easy.

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Song title Type
African HerbsmanGuitar Tabs
Ambush In The NightBass Tabs
Ambush In The NightGuitar Chords
And I Love HerGuitar Chords
Babylon By BusGuitar Chords
Babylon SystemGuitar Chords
Back OutGuitar Chords
Bad BoysBass Tabs
Bad CardGuitar Chords
Bad CardGuitar Tabs
Bend Down LowGuitar Tabs
Buffalo SoldierGuitar Tabs
ButterflyGuitar Chords
By The Rivers Of BabylonGuitar Tabs
CautionGuitar Chords
Chances AreGuitar Chords
Chances AreGuitar Tabs
Cheer UpGuitar Chords
Cheer UpGuitar Tabs
Concrete JungleBass Tabs
Concrete JungleGuitar Chords
Concrete JungleGuitar Tabs
Could You Be LovedBass Tabs
Could You Be LovedGuitar Chords
CrisisGuitar Tabs
DewdropsGuitar Chords
Do It TwiceGuitar Chords
Don't Rock My BoatGuitar Chords
Don't Worry About A ThingGuitar Chords
Duppy ConquerorGuitar Chords
Easy SkankingBass Tabs
Easy SkankingGuitar Chords
Everythings Gonna Be AlrightGuitar Chords
ExodusBass Tabs
ExodusGuitar Chords
ExodusGuitar Tabs
Forever Loving JahGuitar Chords
Ganja GunGuitar Chords
Get Up Stand UpBass Tabs
Get Up Stand UpGuitar Chords
Guava JellyGuitar Chords
GuiltinessGuitar Chords
Hallelujah TimeGuitar Chords
HammerGuitar Tabs
I Know A PlaceGuitar Chords
I Shot The SheriffBass Tabs
I Shot The Sheriff (Ver2)Bass Tabs
I Shot The SherrifGuitar Tabs
I'm Hurting InsideGuitar Chords
I'm Still WaitingGuitar Chords
Iron Lion ZionGuitar Chords
Is This LoveGuitar Chords
Is This LoveGuitar Tabs
Is This Love (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Is This Love UkuleleGuitar Chords
Jamaica RumBass Tabs
JamminBass Tabs
JamminGuitar Chords
JammingGuitar Chords
Johnny WasGuitar Chords
Judge NotGuitar Chords
KayaBass Tabs
KayaGuitar Chords
Keep On MovingGuitar Chords
Kinky ReggaeGuitar Tabs
Lick SambaGuitar Chords
Lively Up YourselfGuitar Chords
Mellow MoodGuitar Chords
Misty MorningGuitar Chords
Mr BrownGuitar Chords
Natty DreadGuitar Chords
Natural MysticGuitar Chords
Night ShiftGuitar Chords
No Woman No CryBass Tabs
No Woman No CryGuitar Chords
No Woman No CryGuitar Tabs
No Woman No Cry (Ver2)Guitar Chords
No Woman No Cry (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
No Woman No Cry AcousticGuitar Chords
No Woman No Cry LiveGuitar Chords
No Woman No Cry SoloGuitar Tabs
One Cup Of CoffeeGuitar Chords
One FoundationGuitar Chords
One LoveGuitar Chords
One Love (Ver2)Guitar Chords
One Love One Lovepeople Get ReadyGuitar Chords
One Love People Get ReadyBass Tabs
Pass It OnGuitar Chords
Pimpers ParadiseBass Tabs
Pimpers ParadiseGuitar Tabs
Punky Reggae PartyBass Tabs
RastamanGuitar Chords
Rastaman ChantGuitar Chords
Rat RaceGuitar Chords
Rebel MusicGuitar Chords
Red Red WineGuitar Chords
Redemption SongBass Tabs