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Marilyn Manson guitar chords for Get your gunn

Guitar chords with lyrics

Album: Portrait of an American Family
Transcriber: Josh. so, yeah this is my own work and all, blah blah

/ = slide

I made this tab because there are a lot of really bad tabs out there for this
song. so i hope this helps
a|----7----------|     this is the main riff that you want to play 4X
e|--0---0--7--6 -|     for the intro. Twiggy also plays a halfstep
                       higher or lower after the last note in the

once it gets into the verse play an A chord diagramE MajorE power chord quickly:

then later in the verse at the start of "I bash myself to sleep..":


power chords: A chord diagramE MajorE A chord diagramA#A# A chord diagramG MajorG A chord diagramG#G#     A chord diagramE MajorE A chord diagramA#A# A chord diagramF#F# A chord diagramG MajorG

so, if you put that all together you come up with Gett Your Gunn.
Just listen to the song and you should be able to get it.
if you have any question just e-mail me at steak@thefragile.com

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