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Marilyn Manson guitar tabs for Antichrist superstar

Guitar tabs

Album: Antichrist Superstar

Key: b =3D bend
    ( )=3D additional notes

B chord diagramBB-------------
G chord diagramGG-------------
D chord diagramDD--4-4--------
A chord diagramAA--4-4-HEY!---
E chord diagramEE--2-2--------

      3 times             Fill
B chord diagramBB-------------------|-----------------|
G chord diagramGG-------2-----5b----|------2---5-4-2--|
D chord diagramDD--4-4--2--4--2b----|--4-4-2-4-5-4-2--|
A chord diagramAA--4-4--0--4--------|--4-4-0-4-3-2-0--|
E chord diagramEE--2-2-----2--------|--2-2---2--------|

B chord diagramBB--------------|
G chord diagramGG-------2------|
D chord diagramDD--4-4--2--4---|
A chord diagramAA--4-4--0--4---|
E chord diagramEE--2-2-----2---|

B chord diagramBB--------------------------|
G chord diagramGG--------------------------|
D chord diagramDD--4-4-4-4--3-(3)--2-(2)---|
A chord diagramAA--5-5-5-5--4-(4)--3-(3)---|
E chord diagramEE--------------------------|
'Cut the head off...'

B chord diagramBB-------------------------|
G chord diagramGG-------2-------2---------|
D chord diagramDD--4-4--2--4--4-2-4-------|
A chord diagramAA--4-4--0--4--4-0-4-------|
E chord diagramEE--2-2-----2--2---2-------|

Song structure:

Intro x8
Pre-verse/chorus x2
Verse x16
Pre-verse/chorus x2
Chorus x4
Fill x4
Verse x16
Pre-verse/chorus x2
Chorus x4
Intro x16
Chorus x8
Intro x16

The solo is done by Pogo on the keyboard, so there's no need to tab it.
This is a kick-ass song, I prefer the live version on 'The Last Tour On =
Earth' rather then the studio-thing on 'AS'.

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