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Machine Head chords and tabs

Machine Head tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Machine Head. Learn songs like Block, Buring Red, Circle The Drain, Darkness Within and Struck A Nerve easy.

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Song title Type
A Thousand LiesGuitar Tabs
BastardsGuitar Chords
Be Still And KnowBass Tabs
BlockBass Tabs
BlockGuitar Tabs
BulldozerGuitar Tabs
Buring RedGuitar Tabs
Burning RedGuitar Tabs
BushGuitar Tabs
Choke On The Ashes Of Your HateGuitar Tabs
Circle The DrainGuitar Tabs
Crashing Around YouGuitar Tabs
Darkness WithinGuitar Chords
Darkness WithinGuitar Tabs
Darkness Within (Ver2)Guitar Chords
DavidianBass Tabs
DavidianGuitar Tabs
Days Turn Blue To GrayGuitar Tabs
Deafening SilenceGuitar Tabs
Descend The Shades Of NightGuitar Tabs
Descend The Shades Of Night SoloGuitar Tabs
Eyes Of The DeadGuitar Tabs
Farewell To ArmsGuitar Tabs
FiveGuitar Tabs
From This DayGuitar Tabs
Game OverBass Tabs
Game OverGuitar Tabs
Ghosts Will Haunt My BonesGuitar Tabs
I Am Hell Sonata In CGuitar Tabs
I DefyBass Tabs
I DefyGuitar Tabs
ImperiumGuitar Tabs
In Comes The FloodGuitar Tabs
Jesus WeptGuitar Tabs
LocustGuitar Tabs
Message In A BottleGuitar Chords
Message In A BottleGuitar Tabs
Never Wanna KnowGuitar Chords
Night Of Long KnivesGuitar Tabs
None But My OwnGuitar Tabs
Now We DieGuitar Tabs
OldGuitar Tabs
Only The NamesGuitar Tabs
Real Eyes Realize Real LiesGuitar Tabs
Sail Into The BlackGuitar Tabs
SilverGuitar Tabs
Struck A NerveGuitar Tabs
Take My ScarsGuitar Tabs
Ten Ton HammerGuitar Tabs
The Blackening AlbumGuitar Tabs
The Blood The Sweat The TearsGuitar Tabs
The Blood The Sweat The TearsBass Tabs
The Blood The Sweat The TearsGuitar Tabs
The Burning RedGuitar Tabs
The Rage To OvercomeGuitar Tabs
VimGuitar Tabs
White Knuckle BlackoutGuitar Tabs