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I Need You by M83

Chords with lyrics

I Need You- M83

Standard Tuning

Capo 2

Chord diagramC majorC               Chord diagramG+G
Have you ever had a feeling
Chord diagramA minorAm           Chord diagramFF
That we're not alone
Chord diagramC majorC               Chord diagramG+G
Hold to call the feeling senile
Chord diagramA minorAm             Chord diagramFF
They unearth more
Chord diagramG+G            Chord diagramFF
Going down the dusty roads
Chord diagramG+G              Chord diagramFF
We are cold and see-through
Chord diagramC majorC
and I need you

Chord diagramC majorC

Chord diagramG+G              Chord diagramFF
there's a reason after all
Chord diagramG+G               Chord diagramFF
all the things that I have done
Chord diagramG+G                   Chord diagramA minorAm
Pump the blood and leave it alone
Chord diagramG+G               Chord diagramC majorC
Anywhere you take me

(sax solo)
Chord diagramG+G Chord diagramFF F Chord diagramA minorAm

Chord diagramFF         Chord diagramG+G
I see it all
Chord diagramFF                Chord diagramG+G
Just go and solve it all

 (Chord diagramC majorC)

I like to finish it off with a soft Chord diagramC majorC but the song keeps going...
I'm not sure on the lyrics but did the best I could, looked on multiple websites

:) Let me know what you think

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