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L.P. chords and tabs

L.P. tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by L.P.. Learn songs like Dreamer, Long Way To Go To Die, Muddy Waters Live, Tightrope and Up Against Me Ukulele easy.

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Song title Type
AngelsGuitar Chords
Can't Let You LeaveGuitar Chords
ChurchesGuitar Chords
ConversationGuitar Chords
Death ValleyGuitar Chords
Die For Your LoveGuitar Chords
DreamcatcherGuitar Chords
DreamerGuitar Chords
Fighting With Myself LiveGuitar Chords
Forever For NowGuitar Chords
Forever For Now UkuleleGuitar Chords
Free To LoveGuitar Chords
Girls Go WildGuitar Chords
Good With YouGuitar Chords
GoodbyeGuitar Chords
Hey Nice To Know YaGuitar Chords
How Low Can You GoGuitar Chords
Its OverGuitar Chords
LevitatorGuitar Chords
Long Way To Go To DieGuitar Chords
Lost On YouBass Tabs
Lost On YouGuitar Chords
Lost On YouGuitar Tabs
Lost On You (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Lost On You AcousticGuitar Chords
Muddy WatersGuitar Chords
Muddy Waters LiveGuitar Chords
My BodyGuitar Chords
Night Like This UkuleleGuitar Chords
Old Days LiveGuitar Chords
One Last TimeGuitar Chords
One Night In The SunGuitar Chords
Other PeopleGuitar Chords
RainbowGuitar Chords
RecoveryGuitar Chords
Recovery UkuleleGuitar Chords
Road To RuinGuitar Chords
Safe HereGuitar Chords
SalvationGuitar Chords
SavannahGuitar Chords
ShakenGuitar Chords
SomedayGuitar Chords
StrangeGuitar Chords
SuspicionGuitar Chords
Suspicion UkuleleGuitar Chords
SwitchbladeGuitar Chords
The One That You LoveGuitar Chords
The One That You Love UkuleleGuitar Chords
TightropeGuitar Chords
Tightrope UkuleleGuitar Chords
Tokyo SunriseGuitar Chords
Up Against Me UkuleleGuitar Chords
When I'm Over YouGuitar Chords
When We TouchGuitar Chords
When Were HighGuitar Chords
When Were High UkuleleGuitar Chords
YesGuitar Chords
You Want It AllGuitar Chords
Your TownGuitar Chords