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John Lennon chords for Give peace a chance (Ver. 2)

Give Peace A Chance chords by John Lennon (Ver. 2)

John Lennon chords for Give peace a chance (Ver. 2)

Guitar chords with lyrics

Give Peace A chord diagramA augmentedA Chance
John Lennon

   A chord diagramC majorC
   Ev'rybody's talking about Bagism,Shagism,Dragism,Madism
   Ragism,Tagism,Thisism,Thatism, Isn't it the most
    A chord diagramC majorC         A chord diagramG+G       A chord diagramFF
   All we are saying
                    A chord diagramC majorC
   is give peace a  chance

   Ev'rybody's talking about  Ministers,Sinisters,Banisters and Canisters,
   Bishops and Fishops, Rabbis and Popeyes Bye bye bye bye

   {goto Chorus}

    Ev'rybody's talking about  revolution,Evolution,Mastication,Flagelation,
    Regulations,Integrations,Meditations,United Nations,Congratulations

    {goto Chorus}

     Ev'rybody's talking about  John and Yoko,Timmy Leary,Rosemary,
     Tommy Smothers,Bobby Dylan,Tommy Cooper,Derek Taylor,Norman Mailer,
     Alan Ginsberg,Hare Krishna,Hare,Hare Krishna

     {goto Chorus and play till you've made your point or get
      arested, whichever comes first}

ⓘ This is the 2nd version of guitar chords for 'Give Peace A Chance' by John Lennon, John Winston Lennon, a male classic rock artist from Liverpool. England. John Lennon was born in 1940. He passed away in 1980. John Lennon was known for his dreamy rock/pop music.

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Give peace a chanceChords

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