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Laufey chords for Best friend ukulele

Guitar chords with lyrics

Tuning: G C E A (G C E A)

🎸 Verse:
Eb7     Edim
It’s come to my attention
   F    Dm  Gbdim
That I don’t show enough
  Gm7  G7
Of what I think
   Ab     Ab7
It’s only when I drink, I open up
   Gm7      C7
But I promise that I love you
Fm7      Bb7
Even with that hair-do
  Ebmaj7    E   Edim
I’m sorry I made fun of it
   Fm        Bb7
It’s not your fault it looks like shit

🎸 Verse:
    Eb  Cm    Fm
I have never tolerated someone
for so long
   Gm        G7
I’ve never laughed so much
     Abmaj7    Abm
I haven’t written a sad song
There’s no one else
  C7      Fm7
I’d rather fall asleep with
And dream with
     Gm7 Cm7  Fm7  Bb7
You’re my best friend in the world

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