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Guitar Tabs Explorer
Lady Gaga chords for Speechless (Ver. 2)

Guitar chords with lyrics

WARNING: These tabs/chords are kinda hard for a beginner but most of the chords are
chords you need to know anyways. For intermediate players, its going to be a breeze once you
it out.
- means to transition to the next chord quickly.

How... how.. how...
A chord diagramG+G

I can't believe, what you said to me...
G, repeat

Could we fix you if you broke?

I'll never talk again...
A chord diagramG+G repeat

How... How... how...
A chord diagramG+G

And after all the drinks and bars...

And after all the boys and girls...
A chord diagramFF

And I'll never talk again...
A chord diagramFF

And I'll never love again...
A chord diagramFF

I'll never write a song...
A chord diagramG+G

How... how.. how... so speechless
A chord diagramG+G repeat

Some men may follow me but you choose death..
A chord diagramC majorC

Chord Tabs -
A chord diagramC majorC - x32010
A chord diagramG+G - 320033
A chord diagramA minorAm - x02210
A chord diagramFF - 133211
A chord diagramE+Eaug - 032110
A chord diagramC/GC/G - 332010
Am/F# - 2x2210
A chord diagramE MajorE - 022100
A chord diagramBb majorBb - x13331
A chord diagramGaugGaug - xx5443

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