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Lady Gaga guitar chords for Again again (Ver. 2)

Guitar chords with lyrics

[The song is in 6/8 with emphasis on the three-ONE, which gives it the syncopated feel. Each
line of lyrics is 2 bars. If you can’t work that out from listening to the song, then put your
guitar down and consider accounting. Although some of the chords can be played open I would
recommend barring all of them; the e- chord should be played up on the 7th fret to enable the
step-down during the pre-chorus.

Please note that I have used the convention of CAPITAL for major chords and lower case for minor,
so A chord diagramE MajorE is E+ and e is e-]
			   G		  b
....You got a lotta lotta nerve... comin’ here
	     A chord diagramC majorC 		        Eb		 A chord diagramD MajorD
when I’m still with him... and I cant have you..it isn’t fair

On March of ’86, My birthday is coming
And if I had one wish, yea you’d be it


	...When you’re around
I lose myself Inside your mouth
You got brown eyes like no one else
Baby, make it to me a-

G			B
-gain, again, again, again,
C			c-
again, again, Never stop.  2x

He... never really saw me
or waited...  when we were hookin’ up, yea he’d never... last.

Last week when I was sad
You said that you knew, my eyes changed from kinda green, to kinda blue


Tell me..If I leave him Baby,
would you be there? ’cause Baby, you could be mi-mi-mine all the t-t-t-time!

Again Again chords

Lady Gaga guitar chords for Again again (Ver. 2) Ok, so this is a fun song that is written for piano, not guitar. I have seen many versions of this song online that are totally wrong. It is not written in A chord, and it is not a three-chord song. Those versions hurt my ears, and so I figured it out and tabbed it myself, below. The Db7 chord isn't quite right but it's close: x4240x... if you come up with a better one let me know torontogavin@gmail.com

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