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A Lovely Night by La La Land

Chords with lyrics

Key: 'C'

 Bb7M A7M Ab7M Chord diagramFm7Fm7 Chord diagramBb7Bb7

  Eb7M          Fº
The sun is nearly gone, the lights are turning on
  Chord diagramG7G7                Eb7M
Chord diagramA augmentedA silver shine that stretches to the sea
  Eb7M           Fº
We stumbled on a view that's tailor-made for two
 Chord diagramG7G7                Eb7M
What a shame those two are you and me
  Chord diagramFm7Fm7       Chord diagramBb7Bb7
Some other girl and guy
   Eb7M       Chord diagramC7C7
Would love this swirling sky
      Chord diagramFm7Fm7     Chord diagramBb7Bb7
But there's only you and I
  Eb7M   Chord diagramG#7G#7   Chord diagramG7G7
And we've got no shot
Ab7M     Chord diagramBb9Bb9  Chord diagramBb7Bb7
This could never be
    Chord diagramGm7Gm7       Chord diagramC7C7
You're not the type for me (Really)
      Chord diagramFm7Fm7      Chord diagramBb7Bb7
And there's not a spark in sight
Eb7M Chord diagramFm7Fm7    Chord diagramBb7Bb7   Chord diagramEb MajorEb   Chord diagramAm7Am7 Chord diagramD7D7
What a, waste of a lovely night

  G7M              Aº
You say there's nothing here, well let's make something clear
  Chord diagramB7B7                G7M
I think I'll be the one to make that call (But, you'll call)
  G7M               Aº
And though you looked so cute in your polyester suit (It's wool)
    Chord diagramB7B7               G7M
You're right
I'd never fall for you at all

  Chord diagramAm7Am7      Chord diagramD7D7
And maybe this appeals
 G7M      Chord diagramE minor 7Em7
To someone not in heels
   Chord diagramAm7Am7      Chord diagramD7D7
Or to any girl who feels
    G7M        Chord diagramB7B7
There's some chance for romance

C7M          Chord diagramD7D7        C7M
But I'm frankly feeling nothing (Is that so)
             Chord diagramD7D7        C7M     Chord diagramD7D7
Or it could be less than nothing (Good to know! So you agree)
       Chord diagramE minor 7Em7        Chord diagramAm7Am7   Chord diagramD7D7
That's right, what a waste of a lovely night

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