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La tabs for There she goes

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(intro to...)
There She Goes - by The La's

Transcribed ( ) by Isaac Csandl <[email protected]>


   (repeat a few times)

I *think* this is correct.  I don't even have a recording of the song
to check it with.  According to memory and a few drunk friends, it
sounds right.

If anybody knows the chords or the words or anything, let me know!
I think they *might* be Chord diagramD MajorD Chord diagramF#F# Chord diagramG+G A.  But who knows with no tape of the
dang song.... also, the melody of the lyrics seems to consist of these
notes (imagine that!).  8^)

some guessed-at lyrics...


Isaac Csandl <[email protected]>
Finger me for my PGP public key!
ⓘ Guitar tab for 'There She Goes' by, formed in 2000

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