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Kyuss bass tabs for Whitewater

Bass tabs with lyrics

Kyuss - Whitewater
Album : Sky valley
Bass player : Scott Reeder
Tab by: Hector Ordas (hordas@ozu.es)
This is a simple version, you gotta improvise, specially towards the end

Tune down to C


Fig 1

Fig 2

Chorus (very very simplified)


Fig 3
|----9-7-5-4-----9-7 555///12---9-7-5-4-------------------|

Fig 4 (continues...)

Fig 5

The song goes something like this :

Intro x2

Chorus x4
Fig.1 x1

Chorus x4

Bridge x4
Fig.3 many times, make some changes... until...
Fig.4 x2
Fig.5 many times...
Fig.3 a couple of times, ending with Fig.5

Probably there are some corrections to be done, but i^Òve done this without my bass or the song... all in my mind. Anyway, this is how I play it, sounds good to me... It^Òs no exact transcription of the original song.

Transcribed by Hector Ordas (hordas@ozu.es)
ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'Whitewater' by Kyuss, a stoner rock band formed in 1990 from Palm Desert, California, USA. They retired in 1995. Kyuss was known for their trippy metal music.

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