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Kuti Fela bass tabs for Confusion

Bass tabs with lyrics

Tune: Confusion
Tab Credit: Dan Mash

I'm just doing this for fun. I'm damn sure nobody's ever going to lay eyes on this tab. It

doesn't seem to matter whether I bother notating the rhythm or the durations of each tone.

The bass line to Confusion is a 4-bar figure repeated over and over again, yet it never gets

old. Remarkable.

1.		       2.

G|---2--------------4--4---|---2----------- ---4------0-|
D|-4---4---0-2-------------|-4---4---0-2--- ------------|
A|-------------------------|--------------- ------2-2---|
E|-------------------------|--------------- ------------|

3.              4.

G|---2--------------4--4---|---2---------- ----------------|
D|-4---4---0-2-------------|-4---4---0-2-- ----------------|
A|-------------------------|-------------- 0~---2--5-------|
E|-------------------------|-------------- ----------------|

Notice that Phrase 1 and 3 are the same. It's only their follow-ups that differ. And, the

follow-ups only differ in their last few tones.

So, repeat the cycle as 1-2-3-4.

Play the open A string near the end of phrase 4 with closure and authority, and the B and D

(2--5 on the A string) as an invitation to plunge headfirst into the future (the immediate

musical future of the groove). In the tab, I indicated one of these qualifications with the "~"


Also: I admit that the last part of the cycle sometimes sounds like something else...


         Ending 2

G|---2---------- ----------------|
D|-4---4---0-2-- ----------------|
A|-------------- ------2--5------|
E|-------------- --3~------------|

Or some combination of the two. A lot of times the simplest afro-beat basslines are hard to

discern, even for me, who's an expert in the field.

At this point, I want to say to you: Now go make _____ proud!  ______ WOULD BE the Africa 70

bassplayer(s), but I don't know who ______ is. That's because the record labels don't give a

damn about listing the performance credits when they manufacture, package, and ship the digital

re-releases of Fela's albums (I can't speak for the original vinyls, which I've never seen.)

The bass line presents a challenge:

1) Can you play through the entire tune with the steadfast tightness of _____, Africa 70's

bassplayer for this recording?
ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'Confusion' by, a female blues artist from Tennessee, United States. was born in 1957.

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