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Chantal Kreviazuk chords for Time

Chords with lyrics

Album Title: What If It All Means Something
Tabbed by: John Nguyen
This is a great song that is really simple to play. I just used basic
Chords for the progression. If you have any corrections, please feel free
to email me so I can make the corrections. Email is [email protected]
The tempo is a little upbeat so just listen to the song to get the right
  D             A       Dsus2/B     G           A chord diagramE MajorE
eadgbe   eadgbe   eadgbe   eadgbe   eadgbe
xx0232   002220   020230   320033   022000
Into:  D  A  Dsus2/B  G  (Repeat 4 times)

D  A  Dsus2/B  G  (Repeat 8 Times)

Now Ive Looked.......
E  G  D  A chord diagramA augmentedA
E  G...Then to Verse
2nd and 3rd Chorus:
E  G  D  A  (Repeat twice)
E  G...Then to Verse

I Should have.......
E    D    E    A chord diagramD MajorD
E    D    G    A chord diagramA augmentedA

D    A    Dsus2/B   G  (To Fade out)
ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Time' by Chantal Kreviazuk, a female pop artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba . Chantal Kreviazuk was born in 1973.

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