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Lenny Kravitz chords and tabs

Lenny Kravitz tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Lenny Kravitz. Learn songs like Dirty White Boots, Is There Any Love In Your Heart, Rock and Roll Is Dead, Silver and Gold and Sitting On Top Of The World easy.

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Song title Type
A Long And Sad GoodbyeGuitar Chords
A Million Miles AwayGuitar Chords
AgainGuitar Chords
AgainGuitar Tabs
Always On The RunBass Tabs
Always On The RunGuitar Chords
Always On The RunGuitar Tabs
American WomanGuitar Chords
American WomanGuitar Tabs
Are You Gonna Go My WayBass Tabs
Are You Gonna Go My WayGuitar Chords
Are You Gonna Go My WayGuitar Solo
Are You Gonna Go My Way (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Are You Gonna Go My Way AcousticGuitar Tabs
BaptizedGuitar Chords
Battlefield Of LoveGuitar Tabs
BelieveGuitar Tabs
Black And White AmericaGuitar Chords
Black GirlGuitar Chords
Black VelveteenGuitar Chords
Bring It OnGuitar Chords
ButterflyGuitar Tabs
Calling All AngelsGuitar Chords
Can We Find A ReasonGuitar Chords
Can't Get You Off My MindGuitar Chords
Can't Get You Off My MindGuitar Tabs
CircusGuitar Chords
CircusGuitar Tabs
Dancin Til DawnGuitar Chords
Dig InBass Tabs
Dig InGuitar Chords
Dirty White BootsGuitar Chords
Does Anybody Out There Even CareGuitar Chords
DreamGuitar Chords
EleutheriaGuitar Chords
EverythingGuitar Chords
EverythingGuitar Tabs
Fields Of JoyGuitar Chords
Fields Of JoyGuitar Tabs
FlashGuitar Chords
Flowers For ZoeGuitar Chords
Flowers For ZoeGuitar Tabs
Fly AwayBass Tabs
Fly AwayGuitar Chords
Fly AwayGuitar Tabs
Fly Away AcousticGuitar Chords
For The First TimeGuitar Chords
Get AwayGuitar Chords
Happy BirthdayGuitar Chords
Heaven HelpGuitar Chords
Here To LoveGuitar Chords
I Belong To You Acoustic IntroGuitar Chords
I Can't Be Without YouGuitar Chords
I Don't Want To Be A StarGuitar Chords
I Never Want To Let You DownGuitar Chords
If I Could Fall In LoveGuitar Chords
If You Can't Say NoGuitar Tabs
In My Life TodayGuitar Chords
Is There Any LoveGuitar Tabs
Is There Any Love In Your HeartBass Tabs
Is There Any Love In Your HeartGuitar Chords
It Ain't OverGuitar Chords
It Ain't Over Til Its OverGuitar Chords
It Ain't Over Til Its OverGuitar Tabs
It Ain't Over Til Its Over (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
It Ain't Over Till Its OverGuitar Chords
Its EnoughGuitar Chords
Johnny CashBass Tabs
Johnny CashGuitar Chords
Just Be A WomanGuitar Chords
Just Be A Woman (Ver2)Guitar Chords
LadyGuitar Tabs
Let Love RuleGuitar Chords
Little Girls EyesGuitar Chords
Little Girls EyesGuitar Tabs
LiveGuitar Tabs
Love RevolutionGuitar Chords
LowGuitar Chords
Mr Cab DriverGuitar Chords
Mr Cab DriverGuitar Tabs
New York CityGuitar Chords
PushGuitar Chords
RideGuitar Chords
Rock And Roll Is DeadGuitar Tabs
Rock Star City LifeGuitar Tabs
RosemaryGuitar Chords
SexBass Tabs
SexGuitar Chords
She's A BeastGuitar Chords
Silver And GoldGuitar Chords
Silver And GoldGuitar Tabs
SisterGuitar Chords
SisterGuitar Tabs
Sitting On Top Of The WorldGuitar Chords
Stand By My WomanGuitar Chords
Stillness Of HeartGuitar Chords
Stillness Of HeartGuitar Tabs