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Korn guitar tabs for For you

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Tuning: One step down

Difficulty: Advanced

4 U by KoRn
Guitarist: Munky & Head
Album: Issues

Tabbed by Twiggy5

NOTE: Guitar 2 is synth. guitar but works perfect on normal guitar

Intro (Gtr. 1)
F| chord diagramF|F|----|-------------5------|
C| chord diagramC|C|----|--2----------5------|

Intro (Gtr. 2)
F| chord diagramF|F|----|-1---------|----------|--0--------------|

Verse (Gtr. 1)
F| chord diagramF|F|-------------------|------------------|-5---------------|-----------------|
C| chord diagramC|C|--2----------------|------------------|-5---------------|-----------------|
       This shit right here.....                 I can see you........

Verse (Gtr. 2)
F| chord diagramF|F|----1------------|-%-|----0------------|-%-|

Fill (Gtr. 1)
F| chord diagramF|F|---------------|-0------------|---------------|------------|-----------|
C| chord diagramC|C|---------------|-9------------|---------------|------------|-2---------|
        I couldn't have......			                        wasn't          4 U

Fill (Gtr. 2)
F| chord diagramF|F|--1------------|--------------|-1-------------|------------|-----------|
C| chord diagramC|C|---------------|-1------------|---------------|--2---------|-----------|

End (Gtr. 2) - There's a bell at the end but I was just fucking around and a
12th fret harmonic on high d string matches the bell

Song Structre: -
Intro (Gtr. 1)/Intro (Gtr. 2)
Verse (Gtr. 1)/Verse (Gtr. 2)
Fill (Gtr. 1)/Fill (Gtr. 2)
End (Gtr. 1)

Very lovely song.. Very underrated and the guitar is quite hard to hear.
If you have any comments suggestions or corrections email me at
For You - Korn

Transcribed By: Sam Sensabaugh (

Tuned Down One Half Whole Step (DGCFAd)

This Song dosent seem to have any guitar in it...
but heres some chords to strum along to.

d ||----||----|
A chord diagramAA ||----||----|
F chord diagramFF ||----||-5--|
C chord diagramCC ||-2--||-5--|
G chord diagramGG ||-2--||-3--|
D chord diagramDD ||-0--||----|

Just Listen for the Chord should come easy.

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