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Korn guitar tabs for Blind1

Blind1 tab

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Blind1 tab by Korn

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THIS TAB IS not made by seven string guitar but it also sound as heavy more than head/munky's sound! just fuck this shit!!!!
LEGEND:  h-hammer on
          others are unlike the legends of other tabs
NOTE: 6th,5th,4th strings was dropped (AEAGBE)
      There are other hidden riffs in this tab you must learn to do with your own!


(munky)(do this 12x)
use "chorus" effect in this part only
E chord diagramEE------------
B chord diagramBB-3-3-3-3----
G chord diagramGG-1-1-1-1----
A chord diagramAA------------
E chord diagramEE------------
A chord diagramAA------------

(head) (do this 4x)
use "overdrive" effect in this part

E chord diagramEE-------------------------
B chord diagramBB-------------------------
G chord diagramGG-------------------------
A chord diagramAA-0h2-0h3-0h2-0h3-6-6-6-6-
E chord diagramEE-0h2-0h3-0h2-0h3-6-6-6-6-
A chord diagramAA-0h2-0h3-0h2-0h3-6-6-6-6-

(DO THIS 16x using both of head and munky's part)
(use "distortion" effects)

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