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KMFDM tabs for Godlike

Tabs with lyrics

Godlike - KMFDM

transcribed by:
Gord Murdoch
[email protected]


3h5 : Hammer-on.
5p3 : Pull-off.
3b5 : Bend first note to the of the equivalent second note.
5r3 : Release the already bent note at the pitch written back
      to the original note.
3/5 : Strike the first note and slide up to the second note.
5\3 : Strike the first note and slide down to the second note.
p.m.: Palm mute.
a.h.: Artificial harmonic.
n.h.: Natural harmonic.
~   : Let note ring.
/\/\: Whammy bar.

Note: Tune the 6th string up to F.

The main riff plays throughout the entire song except for
the bridge.

Intro / Main riff:

The bridge is played in A chord diagramG+G on the 6th string 2nd fret.
Play it palm muted and then contined with the main riff.

There are some fills and lead missing and the bass line as well. Please
post any additions or corrections with this file and don't forget to


Gord Murdoch			     "You see...I don't know Neil, I don't
[email protected]	      know Neil."
Brock University
St. Catharines, Ontario		      The Tragically Hip
ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Godlike' by KMFDM, an industrial metal band formed in 1984 from Hamburg, Germany

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