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Kiss guitar tabs for Then she kissed me

Guitar tabs with lyrics

artist:  Kiss
title:  Then She Kissed Me
album:  Love Gun
key:  Db chord diagramDbDb/bb
tuning:  STANDARD  E chord diagramEE A chord diagramAA D chord diagramDD G chord diagramGG


G chord diagramGG------------
D chord diagramDD-----3-4-3--      do this six times
A chord diagramAA---4-------4
E chord diagramEE-----------

first verse

G chord diagramGG----------------------------------------------
D chord diagramDD----3-4-3-----------------3-4-3---------
A chord diagramAA--4-------4-------------4-------4-------
E chord diagramEE-----------------------------------------

      well she walked ...

G chord diagramGG-------------------------------------------------
D chord diagramDD----------------------------3-4-3--------3-4-3---
A chord diagramAA----3-4-3-----------------4-------4----4-------4-
E chord diagramEE--4-------4--------------------------------------

   asked me if I ...

G chord diagramGG---------------------------------------------
D chord diagramDD-----3-4-3---------------------------------
A chord diagramAA---4-------4-------------------------3-4-3-
E chord diagramEE-----------------------------------4-------4

   she looked kind of nice and ....

G chord diagramGG----------------------
D chord diagramDD----3-4-3-------3-4-3--
A chord diagramAA--4-------4---4-------4
E chord diagramEE----------------------


G chord diagramGG------------------------------
D chord diagramDD-----------------------3-4-3--
A chord diagramAA----1-2-1------------4-------4-
E chord diagramEE--2-------2--------------------

   when we danced ...
   then I walked ...

G chord diagramGG---------------------------------------------------------------------------
D chord diagramDD------------------------------------------------------3-4-3---------3-4-3--
A chord diagramAA----1-2-1-----------------3-4-3---------------------4-------4-----4-------4-
E chord diagramEE--2-------2-------------4-------4-------------------------------------------

   the stars above were ....


     (Gb chord diagramGbGb)She kissed me in a way I’d ....(Db chord diagramDbDb)fore
     (Ab chord diagramAbAb)She kissed me in a way ....(Eb chord diagramEbEb)more

verse (doing this from memory, sorry, can’t remember the lyrics)


verse; rhythym   solo; lead guitar

chorus, just keep repeating the riff on Db chord diagramDbDb to fade

if someone could please transcribe the guitar solo, I’d be very appreciative.
Yeah, I know, it’s a simple solo, and I should be able to do it myself,
but I didn’t.  and if someone does, please only use the EADG strings;
this is the one guitar solo I’m dying to do on bass
questions, comments, feedback, GUITAR SOLO to
                -I’m here, I’m queer, I play 5-string bass

Almost there ...

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