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Kiss bass tabs for Love gun

Bass tabs with lyrics

Love Gun
as performed by KISS
written by P. Stanley
from the album SMASHES, THRASHES, & HITS
transcribed by B. Priddle
I had a request for this, and so I quickly put down these tabs.
Here are some quick notes:

1. I think the original is downtuned, but I have transcribed it
in regular tuning.

2. I am unsure of the last bar in riff 2. If anyone can help out,
please do!

3. I did this in a hurry, so if there are any errors, PLEASE let
me know at bpriddle@plato.ucs.mun.ca.

Intro Riff


Riff 1


Riff 2
-6-6----6-6----6-6--9\4--|--%--|--2--1--------|----------------| 1

Riff 2b -- the first bar of riff 2!!!!

Riff 3


[Intro riff]

[Riff 1 (X2)]

[Riff 2 till chorus]
I really love you baby, I love what you got
Let’s get together, we can get hot
No more tomorrow baby, time is today
Girl I can make you feel okay


[Riff 3 + Riff 2b]
No place for hiding baby, no place to run

[Riff 3 + Variation of Intro riff]
You pull the trigger of my love gun

[Riff 1 (X2)]

[Riff 2 till chorus]
You can’t forget me baby, don’t try to lie
You’ll never leave me mama, don’t try
I’ll be a gambler baby and lay down the bet
If we get together mama, you’ll sweat


Variation of intro riff

Riff 1 till chorus


Submitted by: Blaine Priddle (blainep@riemann.math.mun.ca)

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