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The Kinks chords and tabs

The Kinks tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Kinks. Learn songs like A Well Respected Man (Ver3), Animal Farm, Victoria, Waterloo Sunset and Waterloo Sunset (Ver2) easy.

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Song title Type
20th Century ManGuitar Chords
A Gallon Of GasGuitar Chords
A Little Bit Of EmotionGuitar Chords
A Rock N Roll FantasyGuitar Chords
A Rock Roll FantasyGuitar Chords
A Well Respected ManBass Tabs
A Well Respected ManGuitar Chords
A Well Respected Man (Ver2)Guitar Chords
A Well Respected Man (Ver3)Guitar Chords
Add It UpGuitar Chords
All Day And All Of The NightBass Tabs
All Day And All Of The NightGuitar Chords
All Day And All Of The NightGuitar Tabs
All Day And All Of The Night (Ver2)Bass Tabs
All Day And All Of The Night (Ver2)Guitar Chords
All Day And All Of The Night (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
All Of The Day And All Of The NightGuitar Chords
Animal FarmBass Tabs
Animal FarmGuitar Chords
ApemanGuitar Chords
Around The DialGuitar Chords
Art LoverGuitar Chords
AttitudeGuitar Chords
Autumn AlmanacGuitar Chords
Autumn AlmanacGuitar Tabs
Beautiful DelilahGuitar Chords
Berkeley MewsGuitar Chords
Better ThingsGuitar Chords
Big SkyGuitar Chords
Black MessiahGuitar Chords
Black Messiah (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Celluloid HeroesGuitar Chords
Celluloid Heroes (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Come On NowGuitar Chords
Complicated LifeGuitar Chords
David WattsGuitar Chords
David WattsGuitar Tabs
DaysBass Tabs
DaysGuitar Chords
Dead End StreetGuitar Chords
Dedicated Follower Of FashionBass Tabs
Dedicated Follower Of FashionGuitar Chords
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (Ver2)Guitar Chords
DestroyerGuitar Tabs
Did You See His NameGuitar Chords
Do It AgainGuitar Chords
Don't Ever ChangeGuitar Chords
Father ChristmasGuitar Chords
Father Christmas (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Funny FaceGuitar Chords
Gods ChildrenGuitar Chords
Good DayGuitar Chords
Harry RagGuitar Chords
Have A Cuppa TeaGuitar Chords
Here Come The People In GreyGuitar Chords
HolidayGuitar Chords
Holiday RomanceGuitar Chords
I Go To SleepGuitar Chords
I Gotta MoveGuitar Chords
I Gotta MoveGuitar Tabs
I Need YouGuitar Chords
I'll RememberGuitar Chords
I'm A Lover Not A FighterGuitar Chords
I'm In Disgrace UkuleleGuitar Chords
In A Foreign LandGuitar Chords
Its All RightGuitar Chords
I've Got That FeelingGuitar Chords
Johnny ThunderGuitar Chords
Jukebox MusicGuitar Chords
Killers EyesGuitar Chords
Last Of The Steam Powered TrainsGuitar Chords
Lazy Old SunGuitar Chords
Life Goes OnGuitar Chords
Living On A Thin LineGuitar Chords
Living On A Thin LineGuitar Tabs
LolaBass Tabs
LolaGuitar Chords
Lola (Ver2)Bass Tabs
Lola (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Lola (Ver3)Guitar Chords
Long DistanceGuitar Chords
Long Tall SallyGuitar Chords
Long Tall ShortyGuitar Chords
Lost And FoundGuitar Chords
Love Me Till The Sun ShinesGuitar Chords
Maximum ConsumptionGuitar Chords
Milk Cow BluesGuitar Tabs
Mindless Child Of MotherhoodGuitar Chords
Mindless Child Of Motherhood AcousticGuitar Chords
Mirror Of LoveGuitar Chords
Missing PersonGuitar Chords
Misty WaterGuitar Chords
MonicaGuitar Chords
Moving PicturesGuitar Chords
Muswell HillbillyGuitar Chords
Naggin WomanGuitar Chords
No More Looking BackGuitar Chords