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Kings X chords and tabs

Kings X tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Kings X. Learn songs like Dream In My Life, Freedom, Goldilox, Missippi Moon and Stay easy.

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Song title Type
Black FlagBass Tabs
Black FlagGuitar Tabs
CigarettesGuitar Chords
CigarettesGuitar Tabs
ComplainGuitar Solo
Dream In My LifeGuitar Tabs
Fall On MeBass Tabs
Fall On MeGuitar Tabs
Flies And Blues SkiesGuitar Tabs
FreedomBass Tabs
GoldiloxGuitar Chords
Groove MachineGuitar Tabs
Its LoveGuitar Tabs
Legal KillGuitar Tabs
Little Bit Of SoulGuitar Tabs
Lost In GermanyGuitar Tabs
Missippi MoonGuitar Chords
Over My HeadGuitar Tabs
PleidesGuitar Tabs
PrisonerGuitar Tabs
Shot Of LoveGuitar Tabs
StayBass Tabs
SummerlandGuitar Tabs
We Are Finding Who We AreGuitar Tabs