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One More Time Live by Kid Rock

One More Time Live chords by Kid Rock

Chords with lyrics

Tuning: Standard

Kid performed this nice cover version of David Allan Coe's "One More Time" on TV Total
Stefan Raab
on german television. I didn't find some tabs so  I decided to tab it
It's very easy to play so her it is:

Note: 	When he plays the E-Chord, he sometimes puts his
	pinky on the B-String in 3rd fret.
	Just listen to the song to find it's quite easy.

Here is the link to the song: v=aI3k4DjV8PA

Chord diagramE MajorE
Hey girl before you go, please know how bad I'm gonna miss you

Chord diagramE MajorE
Chord diagramA augmentedA good piece of ass is hard to find

Chord diagramA augmentedA
  we both knew someday, that you go on your way

Chord diagramE MajorE
Baby I just...I like to fuck you one more time

Chord diagramE MajorE
One more time, I like to set my pecker in you

   Chord diagramBB
...even if, it's just a quickie that I won't mind

                  Chord diagramE MajorE
He---ell know...I want get your ne---ew white dress dirty

      Chord diagramE MajorE
Baby, But I just, I like to fuck you one more time

Chord diagramA augmentedA
Yeah baby I just, I like to fuck you one more time

Chord diagramE MajorE

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